Time to Blok your Mobile

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Time to Blok your Mobile?

Dutchman Dave Hakkens aims to be the man mobile phone manufacturers will either love or hate. For he has a vision — a mobile phone designed to last.

 His Phoneblok (see photo above) is made of detachable ‘bloks’ connected to a base which locks everything together into a solid phone. If a ‘blok’ breaks it is easily replaced or if it’s getting old it can be upgraded. Definitely not the way matters mobile work at the moment and therein lies the rub. On his side is the growing mountain of discarded un-recycled plastic phones, on the other is the big question can he persuade the telecoms industry to adapt his idea?

The French agency for ecological living, Ademe, for instance, estimates that in France alone where Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a well entrenched motto, more than 130 million redundant mobile phones are nevertheless cluttering up people’s homes.

Technological waste is the fastest growing area of refuse generation in Europe (see graph). Part of the problem is that as technology moves forward so fast obsolescence is now reduced to months rather than years. Another reason is that the big smart phone manufacturers use canny marketing to ensure consumers replace their mobiles every year or two for obvious reasons.

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