Hogs, Dogs & Haute Cuisine

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What binds the people of France together is not a religion but a national worship of food excellence.

“Mike has come out of the gates with a bang with ‘Hogs, Dogs, and Haute Cuisine’ this piece exploring hunting for truffles with a pig– a dying tradition.” – Kevin Schmidt Publisher, Food + Chef Magazine

Writing about French truffles for the Food + Chef Magazine

“Constitutionally France is secular or ‘laïque’ as they say here. This means that despite the many Catholics, Muslims, Protestants and Jews that make up the greater part of this diverse population the country is technically without a religion. What one learns after living here for any length of time is that the common denominator that binds the people of this country is not a religion but a national worship of food. It is a passion that winds its way through these people like an unbroken thread. When I first came to live here twelve years ago I had difficulty understanding the depth of feeling the French have for their cuisine and wine. When I asked my French wife about it she looked at me in astonishment. “But of course.” She said “Food is everything. We are what we eat. Food is life and you must celebrate it.” She clearly struggled to avoid placing the word stupid at the end of her last sentence…”

This is an excerpt from the New York based Food + Chef Magazine
Click the link for a pdf file of this piece: Hogs, Dogs & … by Mike Alexander

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