About Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander - Freelance WriterMike has lived and worked in France for the past twelve years. Although he writes on a broad range of subjects ranging from nature to gardening, Mike has found himself being drawn more and more into the field of food writing. Here cooking goes beyond passion and takes on an almost mythical life of its own. Such feeling is infectious and when embraced, provides a wonderful window both into French culture and the lives of the people that live here.

Mike has led a varied life including working as a commercial diver, a horticulturist and at the hard news end of the television business. He has traveled to more than thirty countries and among other things crewed an ocean going yacht and hitchhiked from New York to California and back. Based in the south west of France, Mike writes for a number of journals, magazines and web sites. He covers a diverse range of subjects from food to lifestyle and from gardening to environmental issues.

His writing seeks to use each subject to reflect the culture, folklore and way of life in this country.